The grass

It is due by: Tuesday, may 21-st 2019 at 23:59.

What to do: each student must:

  1. implement at least one PHP application (I want simple but understood programs !) with an HTML form (this is due Tuesday, may 21-st 2019 at 23:59), and an instance of the SQL CREATE, INSERT and SELECT queries (this is due three days before the final exam).
  2. download the PHP project to a folder in the students' own site by making two copies of the same file (or, files if more than one) respectively called filename.php and filename.txt;
  3. create an article on the students' own site with two links: one to the project executable/s (that is, to filename.php) and the other to the project source/s (that is, to filename.txt). Also put few words explaining what the application does and how it works. As an example, please see, how I realized the content "Podcasting, blackboards and examples" in the course site);
  4. create a button in the main menu of the students' own site (referred to in point 2) linked to the content in the previous point. As an example, please see, how I realized the main menu item "Podcasting, blackboards and examples" in my site.
  5. submit an article into my web site (as always with the USER MENU link "Submit Mid-term 3") containing:
    1. a link to the student's web site article in point 3.
    2. the schematic of what we have covered in this course where, for each lesson, from the first (of Tuesday, March 5-th 2019, hours 15:30 - 18:30) to the last, there is a succint description (with no more than 2 lines = 160 characters) of the topics covered in the lesson. To do point 5.2, you must use the following table as template:
Tuesday, March 5-th 2019 15:30 18:30 3 To be filled.
Wensday, March 6-th 2019 15:30 18:30 3 To be filled.
... ... ... ... ...


Good work and Good luck !!