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It is due by: Tuesday, may 7-nd 2019 at 23:59:59.

What to do: The mid-term 2 consists of the following two distinct parts called Part 2.1 and Part 2.2.

Part 2.1: Design of a Turing machine. Each student must design a Turing Machine which, starting from the blank tape (that is, tape where every cell contains the blank symbol), writes continuously the string "SERNAME Name enroll number: n.". Note: in the string "SERNAME Name enroll number: n.",

"SERNAME" is a string variable to be replaced with the student's sername in upper case letters;

"Name" is a string variable to be replaced with the student's first name where the first letter is upper case and the others are lower case letters;

"n" is a variable to be replaced with the student's enroll number;

the remaining characters in the string "SERNAME Name enroll number: n." are to be taken literally.

For example, for the student Luca Farfallini with enroll number 12345, the sequence "SERNAME Name enroll number: n." is equal to "FARFALLINI Luca enroll number: 12345."

For grading, I will check your machine with the Turing Machine Simulator. So, you must follow the notation given in the section "Turing machines and the concept of automatic work" and define the machine by giving a set of quintuples (s, a, t, b, m) separated by new line characters (do not separate the instructions with commas). Also, note that in the Turing Machine Simulator the balnk symbol is represented as "-" (for detailed documentation on the Turing Machine Simulator see its development site on GitHub).

Comment with no more than 10 lines what you have done.

Part 2.2: Realize the "Notes on Automatic Communication A. A. 2018/19" collaboratively with Google Drive. Each student must choose and develop in the Google Doc shared file "Notes on Automatic Communication A. A. 2018/19" a topic we have covered in class and contained in Podcasting, blackboards and examples. Each student is free to do whatever he/she wants on the file. In particular, the student is also free to modify/improve content written by others (however, I would suggest you to make arrangements to resolve conflicts). To go to the file you can click on "Notes on Automatic Communication A. A. 2018/19". Note that, if a student does not have already the sharing permission, the first time he/she will be asked to request it to me (the file owner. Note 1: if you don't get the sharing permission within two days, please, send me a reminder email. Note 2: to obtain the sharing permissions, you must use the same email account used to subsrcibe to the course website). Format the notes as close as possible to the present article (In particular, set alignment: justified).

Submit your TM machine with comments and answer to the question in Part 2.1 and the notes developed in Part 2.2 into my site by logging in and submitting an article (with the USER MENU link "Submit Mid-term 2"). Note that with the "Show mid-term 2 articles" you can re-edit your own article as many times as you like. So you can actually work directly on my site. Format the article exactly as my articles (for example, as the present article. In particular, set alignment: justified).

For grading, I will take into considerations

  1. the english;
  2. if what ever you developed is correct and how you developed the various concepts;
  3. the html code of your submitted article. I want clean html psudo-code. Clean means only useful code. As I told You, myself 95% of the times I don't use the WYSIWYG editor but only use the source code editor and edit directly the html psudo-code. For example of clean code please see the source code of my articles (even the present article);

Good work and Good luck !!