The grass

It is due by: Tuesday, april 23-rd 2019 at 23:59:59.

What to do:

  1. Register to the course website.
  2. Submit the web-link of your site (once logged in, the link can be found in the user menu). Please, a) write your name in the "Title" field; and b) set/leave the status of the web link as "Published".
  3. install and configure your website. Choose whatever topic you like as the topic of your website. There must be no reference to the name Joomla. It must contain pictures taken by you and related to the topic. It should contain some of the contents (note that I will not judge the content but your ability to manage it). Choose any site template (you can download it and install it - I advise to choose one which is similar to what you have in mind as appearance of your site). For template configurations it may be helpful to use some analysing program such as the firefox mozilla plug-in firebug and/or Web Developer Toolbar.
  4. Create a new module position in your template (may be first read On the Joomla templates, but may be not only this) and call the position "bgbeerno_icto".
  5. Put some module in the new position created in point 4..
  6. Submit (with the link "Submit Mid-term exam 1" in the user menu) an article containing:
    1. your Name and Surname;
    2. a photo of yourself (a selfie). Note: the filesize of the selfie must not exceed 100 KBytes;
    3. a brief introduction of yourself;
    4. a link to your website with the variable "tp" set (that is, the link address must be "http:// YOURSITE?tp=1"; as in
      Note that, in this way, your web site should appear with all the available positions shown (check !!).
    5. a succint explanation of what you did in point 3.;
    6. a succint explanation of what you did in point 4., and
    7. a succint explanation of what you did in point 5. above.
    Note that you can work on-line (directly on my website) asynchronously at your will. In other words, once you have submitted the article you can modify it by a) logining in and b) clicking on "Show mid-term 1 articles"... .

Good Work laughing !!


PS: Advice: before turning in the mid-term, check that whatever you have done is done and works properly !!